Library Etiquette

How to Behave in the Library
  • Have good manners.
  • Please use your inside voice when in the library!
  • No gum, food, or drink!
  • Please get mom or dad to help you clean up!
  • No running in the library!
  • Share the books, tablets, and toys with everyone.
  • If you're finished with a book put it on top of the shelves and we will put it away for you.
  • You need to stay with mom and/or dad when in the library. Don't let them get lost!
  • Benches are for sitting on.
  • Please don't run or jump on our furniture.
  • Please take care of the library books!
  • If you need help finding a book please ask a Library staff member. They are more then happy to help you!
How to Take Care of Library Books
  • Clean your hands before reading your book.
  • Never write, scribble, glue, cut, or tear pages of a book.
  • Save your place with a bookmark, not by folding a page.
  • Turn pages by carefully using the top corner of the book.
  • Carry your book in a book bag to keep it safe.
  • Put your book in a safe place at home, away from babies and pets.