The Story of Garbage

The Story of Waste (Recycling 101)
Managing our waste has become a global issue and every person has an important part to play. Join us for four, one-hour long sessions on the story of our waste in Okotoks.  What happens when we close the lids on our bins, drop items off at the Eco-Centre, or bring items to the landfill?  Each type of waste goes on a journey!  Discover how our actions can transform our garbage into a usable resource, where it goes, how it’s used and more during this four-week learning session!

What happens to garbage after it arrives at the landfill?  How is our landfill different than a traditional garbage dump?  Find out as we interact with a model of an engineered landfill!

No cost.

Event Date: 
2018 Oct 4 - 7:00pm - 8:00pm